Hydride Generation – Atomic Fluorescence

  • Dedicated to the analysis of Arsenic(As), Mercury(Hg), Cadmium(Cd), Germanium(Ge), Selenium(Se), Lead(Pb),  Bismuth(Bi), Tellurium(Ti), Tin(Sn), Zinc(Zn), Antimony(Sb)
  • Hydride Generation forming atomic vapor
  • Quantitation according to the atomic fluorescence
  • Multi elements analysis simultaneously
  • Ultra low detection limit (ppt level)
  • Higher accuracy compare with ICP
  • Easy to connect with ICP, LC
  • Low running cost



DL ≤ 0.01 ng/ml (As,Sb,Bi)

≤0.001ng/ml (Hg)

RSD ≤ 1%(As,Sb,Hg,Bi)

Linearity ≥0.999