Varus is one of the first private companies in Macedonia for wholesale of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, reagents, laboratory supplies, laboratory equipment and medical devices, founded in 1990 in order to meet the customer needs.

The first attempts were based on the exclusive representation of the globally oldest chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing company Merck KGaA, Germany for the territory of the Republic of Macedonia in the field of chemicals, reagents, laboratory supplies, equipment and medical devices. Since 1995, Varus actively promotes, sells and distributes the Merck’s pharmaceutical portfolio.

Nowadays, Varus acts on the geographical region of Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. Through careful market research, analysis of the opportunities and constraints, our company continues to deliver services and products that exceed the customers’ expectations.

Our work has been driven by the innovations and discoveries of the Life Sciences. We contribute to their advancement by smart and creative application of the products and solutions with a benefit of the people and the environment. Passionate about new knowledge and longing for partnerships and cooperation that lead to improve the quality of life.


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